In crafting this wine, we wanted to put something on your table that would be delicious, delightful and plain fun. Our wine is meant for enjoyment with friends, family, or even a good book and a hammock. 

We hope that scrumptious dinners and gorgeous sunsets are part of your many memories of

Amazon Ranch wine.

Like all great food, Amazon Ranch wine started with family. 

In our case, my dashing wife with her zest for life and love -- and her amazing qualities of strength and integrity. 

The place she grew up in Napa, California was known among friends as “Amazon Ranch,” where a loving mother grew five sisters into brave women.  Being part of that family has changed my life and inspired the naming of our wine.

Amazon Ranch wine is dedicated to strong and courageous women everywhere –my wife, my daughters, our friends and family 

and the people who are lucky enough to love them.


-- Allan  W. Christensen    Napa Valley, Spring 2005