Winemakerís Notes



This year we are pleased to be able to offer two different vintages. 


Ever since our inception in 2004, all of our grapes have come to us from the Damiano vineyards in the Sierra Foothills.  We harvest at the peak of ripeness for flavors, acidity, character, and over-all balance. 

Our sugars typically come in at around 25.5% brix.  Because of the timing of the pick we do not do many chemical additions.  We believe in the live and let live approach to wine-making. After gently squeezing the grapes we cold settle for two days. Next we rack the clear juice from its lees and add the yeast then send it to barrels.  Our Viognier is 100% neutral oak barrel fermented and aged in sixty gallon oak barrels for eight weeks, before bottling. we believe both of these wines are ready for immediate savoring.


In 2007 we produced a mere 200 cases, and in 2008 we pushed production up to 500 cases which is the maximum I wanted to produce of any varietal, so with that in mind keep your ears and eyes open for the "next" thing from Amazon Ranch.


Cheers, Allan 

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